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Dr Paul Conroy B.A., M.Phil., P.G. Dip., M.Sc., PhD.

Photograph of Paul Conroy

Clinical Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy


Clinical Lecturer with specific responsibility for adult acquired neurological disabilities modules within the BSc Speech and Language Therapy


Chair of British Aphasiology Society

Member of Clinical Studies Group (Rehabilitation), Stroke Research Network

External Examiner: MRes Applied Research in Human Communication Disorders UCL

Memberships of Committees and Professional Bodies




My research interests relate to aphasia and acquired communication deficits more broadly. Within aphasia, I am specifically interested in naming therapies, verb processing, writing therapies, sentence and discourse therapies. I am interested in the relationship between impairment therapies and functionally significant outcomes, particularly with regard to discourse and conversational data. I was funded by a Stroke Association Allied Health Professional Therapy Research Bursary to complete a PhD on the topic of 'Errorless learning as a treatment applied to verb and sentence impairments in aphasia'. The project was supervised by Professor Matt Lambon Ralph, and Dr Karen Sage, from NARU. Previously, I completed an MSc in Human Communication in 2003 at City University London which was funded by the HSA and the Speech and Language Therapy Department at Kings College Hospital, London; the dissertation for this degree was on the topic of discourse analysis of aphasic narratives.


Module Co-ordinator: Acquired Speech and Swallowing Disorders (year 2, BSc Speech and Language Therapy)

Module Co-ordinator: Acquired Language and Communication Disorders (year 3, BSc Speech and Language Therapy)

Advanced Study Options I & II (year 4, BSc Speech and Language Therapy)



I am from Dublin, where I studied Linguistics and Philosophy at University College Dublin, and Linguistics at Trinity College Dublin.  I qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) at City University London in 1993 and had clinical jobs in Liverpool, London and Shropshire.  I specialised in adult acquired neurological disorders (aphasia, dysphagia, dysarthria) as Specialist SLT in Neurosciences at King's College Hospital, where I also spent a brief stint as the Co-ordinator of the King's MND Care and Research Centre.  My last clinical post was as lead SLT with the Shropshire Enablement Team (multi-disciplinary community neuro-rehabilitaiton team) after which I undertook a PhD at the University of Manchester.  I became a full time Clinical Lecturer in November 2008.




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