Professor Daniela Montaldi

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience


The neural bases of declarative memory and priming using studies of brain damaged patients, and fMRI studies of priming, familiarity, recollection, and spatial memory in normal subjects. In recent years, there has been a focus on studying patients with relatively selective fornix lesions that result from colloid surgery: recognition, recall, familarity and recollection have been examined in these patients. The major focus is however, on event-related fMRI studies of familarity and recollection and, most recently, of eye movement and pupil dilation correlates of familarity that will be investigated behaviourally and using fMRI.

Collaborators and affiliated staff

  • Ken Norman and Joel Quamme at Princeton, USA
  • John Aggleton at Cardiff

Selected publications


  • Montaldi D, Spencer T, Roberts N, Mayes AR. (2006). The neural system that mediates familiarity memory. Hippocampus, 16( 5), 504-20. eScholarID:1d13331 | DOI:10.1002/hipo.20178
  • Sterr A, Herron K, Hayward C, Montaldi D. (2006). Are mild head injuries as mild as we think? Neurobehavioral concomitants of chronic post-concussion syndrome. BMC Neurol, 6( 1), eScholarID:1d13329 | DOI:10.1186/1471-2377-6-7


  • Mayes AR, Montaldi D, Spencer T, Roberts N. (2004). Recalling spatial information as a component of recently and remotely acquired episodic or semantic memories: an fMRI study. Neuropsychology, 18( 3), 426-41. eScholarID:1d9908 | DOI:10.1037/0894-4105.18.3.426


  • Montaldi D, Mayes A, Barnes A, Hadley D, Patterson J, Wyper D. (2001). Effects of level of retrieval success on recall-related frontal and medial temporal lobe activations. Behav Neurol, 13( 3-4), 123-31. eScholarID:1d9910

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