Translation and standardization of the TEIQue into British Sign Language.



The study will develop and pilot the first ever measure of Trait Emotional Intelligence designed to assess personal disposition in Deaf British Sign Language (BSL) users. The TEIQue (Petrides & Furnham, 2001) already exists in 12 languages however its standardisation in BSL brings with it particular methodological challenges. BSL is a visual spatial language expressed through sign that is not a gestural version of English but rather has its own formal grammatical complexity. It has no written form. Thus the development of a standard instrument is more than a challenge of translations (cultural and linguistic) it is a challenge of modality and form. Very few psychometric instruments have ever been developed to use with the Deaf population in Sign Language and none at all in the area of Emotional Intelligence. The development of this one would address a missing link in that it would create for the first time with the Deaf population a quick and effective way of controlling for personal disposition in many studies that rely on personal appraisal/response methodologies.

The project overall involves the translation of the TEIQ into BSL and its piloting with a large population group to establish standardised norms for Deaf people.

Duration of the project

18 months. Completed February 2010

Funding body

Nuffield Foundation

Members of the project

Dr Maria Gascon-RamosCo-investigator
Professor Alys YoungPrincipal investigator
Dr Chris StoneInvestigator
Dr PetridesCo-investigator
Dr Tyron WoolfeCollaborator
Dr Katherine RogersResearch assistant
Rosemary OramResearch assistant